Strategy + Implementation

Are you looking to increase brand awareness, sales, and build a loyal community following? Jute Marketing can help you decide which programs to focus on, create consistency in your marketing, and make sure your marketing investment is targeted, efficient, and spot on.

Services include:

I. Brand Development

Developing a brand foundation includes a competitor assessment, understanding your target audience’s priorities, determining the brand’s unique positioning, style and messages (brand voice, bio, tagline), in addition to creating a visual identity (logo, fonts, brand colors). Why do you need this groundwork? Strong brands stand out. They attract the audience you want to reach and give you a clear direction to grow your brand.

* Research

* Strategy

* Positioning

* Identity

II. Marketing Communications

Once you have the foundation for your brand and can tell your story in a memorable, easy to understand way, you need to create the communication tools to get your message out. Everything with your brand name should have a consistent visual design and copy style. Our expertise is managing creative projects. Meeting deadlines, staying within budget, and providing both strategic direction and creative input.

* Packaging

* Collateral

* Signage

* Digital/Websites

III. Outreach

Now it’s time to connect with everyone who needs to know about your innovative idea. Your target audience may be active on a specific online community or located in a geographic area of the country so you’ll need a strategic action plan outlining how to reach your audience through a mix of targeted (that’s the key word!) outreach programs that match your budget. Jute Marketing can help you determine where to focus your marketing outreach and manage your marketing on an ongoing basis. The result? You’ll notice more people are aware of your products, your email list is growing, and an increase in website inquiries and sales.

* Social Media

* Events

* Public Relations

* Advertising

Whether you’ve created the most delicious food, the purest natural body care, the best educational community or newest online platform for a variety of products and services, we have related experience to bring to your brand. In fact, we have worked with a broad mix of brand categories:

edibles  *  beauty  *  home  *  apparel  *  healthy living * nonprofit

It’s a crowded marketplace. We understand that. And we can help you attract the individuals that make a difference in growing your innovative ideas and initiatives.


Selected Brand Experience

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